Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How did I get into this?

So...what ever possessed me to start writing a blog?  Don't I have enough to do already without adding one more thing?  Well, apparently not because here I am.  The Librarian in me loves the written word.  The artist in me loves the creative part of the writing process.  The dreamer in me hopes that by sharing my thoughts, I will grow as a person.  The last five years of my life have been...what's the right word...tumultuous, life-changing, traumatic, eye-opening, overwhelming, unexpected, and challenging.  Many more words come to mind, but most of them are unprintable.  Starting with my near-death experience in an automobile accident in 2005, through Steve's diagnosis of lung cancer and his eventual death in 2007, and right up to my life today, my life has taken turns that I never could have imagined.  The inner strength that I thought I possessed simply evaporated when Steve died.  Now I am trying to rebuild my life and for some reason, on a Tuesday afternoon in late September, writing a blog seemed like a good way to start.  I have been reading the Brys family's blog since they moved to Switzerland last fall.  Jamie is my daughter's sister-in-law.  Her insights on raising two children have been heartwarming and her tales of traveling in Europe are enlightening.  This afternoon, I received a message from my daughter, Maggie, telling me that she had started a blog.  Reading her thoughts and observations just made me feel good.  So, I thought that I might give it a try.  What am I going to say in my blog?  I have no earthly idea!  I will probably ramble alot because I am still trying to "find" myself after everything that has happened in the last 5 years.  I hope to come to a new understanding of what it means to live and grow through adversity.  I will probably throw in a few interesting and entertaining stories about the happenings of a day in the life of a librarian.  That part will always be entertaining, because you never know what will happen at the public library where I work.  I hope this journey takes me from darkness to light, from despair to hope and makes us both smile along the way! 

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