Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the spur of the moment

One of the nicest things about being retired is that when the spirit moves you to do something...you can just go ahead and do it.  You don't have to worry about a board meeting or whether the front desk will be covered...you can just go.  Today was one of those days.  Maggie has painted her back foyer and is in need of a few accent pieces to go with the new decor.  Now, if there is one thing that I have, it is accent pieces.  Steve Jenkins would have called them "junk", but I prefer the elevated name of "accent pieces"!  Anyway, I had the perfect mirror to go in the foyer, along with some decorative plates, so after I did my civic duty and voted in the special election, I loaded the pick-up and jumped in for a spur-of-the-moment trip to Perry, GA.  It was a beautiful day; a few clouds, but sunshine peeking through every once in a while and not much traffic on I-75.  I made one stop in Norman Park to pick up some of Lauri Jo's salsa and jam for Maggie and then I hit the open road.  Michael Bolton and Eric Clapton serenaded me while I drove.  I love to turn the music up when I drive and I had it so loud that when I came to the ungated railroad crossing on Main Street in Perry, it was a good thing there was a car already stopped for the approaching train or there might have been a collision!  I delivered two mirrors and two decorative plates to Maggie.  One of the mirrors had belonged to my neighbors, Randy & Pat Gay.  It had made the rounds in their families and was no longer needed, so it found a home in Maggie's hallway.  She has been trying to cover up, I mean decorate around, a large circuit breaker box that is strategically placed smack dab in the middle of her hallway.  The mirror beautifully disguised the box and is perfect.  The other mirror is a family heirloom.  It is a round mirror that is etched/painted around the border with gray and silver vines.  It belonged to my mother, Vera, and holds a great deal of sentiment.  Mother used it as the base for her wedding cake.  The day before Maggie's wedding, I used the same mirror as the base for her Victorian Charm cake.  The plates also hold some deep sentiments.  One was given to me as a wedding gift from a couple who attended my home church in Cincinnati.  The other plate was hand-painted with delicate pink flowers by Mother as a baby gift for Maggie.  To see the glorious results of Maggie's painting, click here.  After hanging mirrors & plates, Maggie & I decided to go out to lunch before I returned to Moultrie.  I have been craving some Grillmaster BBQ for several days, so we drove to the restaurant, only to find it closed on Tuesdays.  However, our second choice was just as tasty...The Swanson.  We usually dine in the sunshine-yellow front room, but today Maggie and I were seated in a lime-green room.  The paint colors at the Swanson always make me feel so happy!  I had fried chicken, broccoli casserole and macaroni and cheese.  They serve the tiniest little butter muffins to add just the right touch.  It's too bad I didn't have a driver, because after that delicious meal, I could have napped on the way home.  All in all, it was a wonderful day.  I arrived safely back in Moultrie around 4:00.  No need for supper tonight.  As my dad would say, "I think I'll just have a toothpick and a glass of water."

Grillmaster BBQ; a converted gas station.  How Southern can you get?

The Swanson

Maggie's Victorian Charm cake atop the mirror.

Vera & George Stinson cutting their wedding cake.

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  1. I'm so glad that you came this afternoon. The food was great but not half as great as our conversations! :)